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Karuizawa 4 Decades Multi-Vintage

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Total raised for charity : 6,509,114 Yen.
The highest bid : 550,000 Yen.
The lowest bid : 220,000 Yen.
Thank you very much for your participation for the charity! See Nonjatta for more detailed result.

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* 100% of the bidding proceeds will be paid to charity after deduction of all government taxes and payment commissions.
* Banking transaction fee is payable by winners.
* Cancellation is disallowed after bidding/winning.
* At the time of closing, if more than one person has the current lowest acceptable bid, a drawing will be held.

Inspired by the photographic technique of ‘timestacking’, a careful vatting was made of malt distilled over a period of 4 decades at Karuizawa distillery. This represents the distillery’s entire active period. This bottling contains malt from every decade of production, from 1960 right through to 2000, with a generous portion of whisky from the early 80s, the distillery’s ‘Golden Time’, thrown in the mix. It is, in other words, the history of Karuizawa distillery merged into a single dram. The vatting was returned to wood for marrying for several months and the result is nothing short of sublime. Drinking this is a kaleidoscopic experience, with so many elements and signature notes from the various periods of distilling at Karuizawa flashing by… and loads of little surprises, too.

Proceeds from the sale of this bottle (tax and shipping costs excluded) will be donated and split 50-50 by two children's charities in Japan: Carillon Kodomo Centre (who operate children's shelter in and around Tokyo) and Shine On! Kids (specifically their program to provide children with cancer with therapeutic dogs).

Region / Japan
Cask Type / Sherry Cask matured
Vintage / ---
Age / ---
Strength / 61.8% vol.
Volume / 700ml

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